Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Getaway

Took a beach getaway trip with Mom for her birthday. It was wonderful! Two days of relaxing enjoyment! We went to Beaufort and Morehead City. The weather was perfect for it. We browsed the shops, rode a ferry, ate some amazing seafood, and ended the first day sitting on the beach relaxing. The next day we visited the aquarium, saw Fort Macon, swam in the ocean, went for a beach walk and hit a few stores on the way home. It was a trip I will never forget! So much fun and so needed! I love you Mom!
Thank you to all who cared for the kids while I ran away (Grammy Fern and Grandpa Jim)!

Playing at the aquarium

Poor Turtle - haha

Enjoying the Atlantic together. (It's much warmer than the Pacific and saltier too)
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Friday, June 19, 2009

June 2009

Grammy's happy dance when playing the Wii

That just doesn't look right!

The library Summer Reading Program Kick Off was fun but SO hot and humid!
Hmm. You are kind of a strange cow.
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Joe and the pool

Do you think he was a little excited?!

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2009 Hammett Fam Vac

The Cousin water balloon fight

Mary driving again - this time Kylie helped!

Jared doing work out of his trunk
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2009 Hammett Fam Vacation

Joe and Mary cuddling with Grammy

Zoie really moved on that motorcycle

Hey! Something is dragging us down!

They played so hard that they were asleep before we were even halfway home.

It was a really fun weekend for everyone! I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked because I was busy enjoying everything. Thanks to all who made it happen (especially Mom Hammett)! You know you have had a great time when it takes time to recover from it and it took us almost a week. The kids already miss their cousins though. We loved having everyone close by.
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2009 Hammett Fam Vacation

Mary and Kylie

Joe-Joe and Mary (No one can tell me that my kids aren't the cutest out there!)

Michael and Scotty enjoying the paddle boat

This is just how much Gabriel liked the sea-doo
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2009 Hammett Family Summer Vacation

The younger cousins enjoyed the pool. Joe-Joe didn't spent most of his vacation in it!

We had a great big inflatable with 3 different games on it. It was so much fun! It looks like its eating Joe-Joe!

Johathan on the red car. It really was fun despite his face. I guess it's a look of concentration.

Everyone enjoyed the bouncer (especially the adults who went in)! Even Dave caught a nap in it at one point. haha
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May 2009

Mary loves to "drive". We joke that she has more behind the wheel time than Jen's 18 year old sister!

Our tent for the kids and our 72 hr kit. Mary approves!

This is how much Charcoal enjoyed his flea bath. No more fleas!! Yeah!
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