Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mary and her "boyfriend"

Mary and Carson Holloman (her self professed boyfriend) spending time together at the t-ball game.

These two are so cute together. They get so excited to see one another. They call out to eachother then run and give hugs.
Mary calls him Cars-Cars.

T-ball Time!

So Joe-Joe is in T-ball for the first time.
It's a hoot to watch him play.

Go Joe-Joe!!

Coming in to home base

Doesn't he look so excited to be there. Haha!

And this would be his favorite part - shaking hands with the other team.


It's too hot!

Diving for the ball

That would be our son sitting down on the field

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wolf Lodge Collage

Great Wolf Lodge fun!

Great Wolf Lodge

We had a chance to vacation at The Great Wolf Lodge in Virginia. It was so much fun!! We want to go back!

Cousin Abigail, Aunt Lauren, Cousin Jacob, Mary and Joe-Joe
This was the end of our trip right before we headed home so we were all as exhausted as Mary looks but we had a blast! We highly recommend it to anyone with kids!


This is the first snowman Mommy has ever made and she was so proud of it.

Just take the picture already! We are freezing!

Aww! Kisses for the snowman!

Easter morning

Yikes! Mommy's morning face!!

Daddy's isn't much better!!

Joe and Mary in their Easter outfits

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Coloring Easter Eggs

The Easter Bunny came!!

Enjoying the spoils of Easter

Nothing as yummy in the morning as Easter candy!
(I am eating it and Mom isn't even stopping me)

Egg Hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's

For Easter the kids had an egg hunt in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard!

title of liberty and temple pics

For Family Home Evening one night we read the Title of Liberty story from the Book of Mormon. We dressed Joe-Joe up like a warrior. He is the cutest Stripling Warrior I have ever seen! I bet he thought we were nuts.

Auntie Shana went through the temple!
We were so happy to be there and share that time with her. It was a very special day!!

Lauren, Jared, Dad Hammett, Shana, Mom Hammett, Jen, Josh (leaning on his wife because of a busted foot)

Super Papa!

Joe-Joe loves Superman and was super excited when Papa showed his Super Papa costume!
We had to get pictures of the two Supermen together.