Sunday, August 23, 2009

Busch Gardens

We had a really good time in August. It was a busy month for us. I will be looking forward to things slowing down a little though.

We had a really good time at Busch Gardens with Laura and Amanda even though it was incredibly hot and humid!

Amanda (Laura's friend visiting from California)

Firehouse VIsit

For Preschool we have been learning about 911 and emergencies. We took a trip to the Sharpsburg firehouse. We had a good time learning what to do in case of a fire. Our Moms learned a thing or two too!

4th B-day Party

We had so much fun at Joe-Joe's 4th birthday party! We even had his cousins from South Carolina came up for it. We are so grateful for all those that could make it. The party was so fun! The day was perfect for Joe-Joe.

More Birthday

Yum! Birthday cake and cupcakes with lots of sprinkles!

Riding the carousel

Even Grandpa rode

Aww look at Aunt Laura

Joe-Joe's 4th Birthday Party

Two peas in a pod!

What Mary thought of the Spray Park

Birthday Boy!

The ladybug ride
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More Beach Trip

Mary catching the water. That is about as close as she really wanted to get to the waves.

He really enjoyed his "ride"


Grandma and Grandpa in the ocean with Mary. She was uncertain but she enjoyed it eventually.

Beach Trip

Laura and Joe at the beach

Joe-Joe had a blast playing in the waves! It was so fun watching him play!

Joe-Joe and Uncle Joey playing in the sand

Mary playing with "Uncle".

August Posts

Mary spreads out when she sleeps. She is on our queen sized bed and is taking most of it! I kind of feel sorry for Joe-Joe. I often have to reposition her so he has room in their full sized bed.

Mary was stopping to say our morning prayers. Food in hand.

He took this one himself!

Mommy and Mary. Joe is a pretty good photographer.